Care tips & Warnings

Latex needs special care...

Latex is not a material like any other. What is important for you to know, if you want to enjoy your latex clothing for a long time, the CORRECT treatment for care, protection and appearance is more than necessary! Therefore we give you a few care tips on the way and for the right support we have the care latex series from beGloss for you.

The best care with the immersion bath...

An immersion bath is ideal to maintain your latex clothing for a long time. You only need water and polish for latex. A fine seal is applied to the clothing, which protects it from harmful external influences.

  • Your latex must be freshly washed and free of grease, otherwise the latex polish won't absorb it properly
  • Put lukewarm water in a suitable container
  • Mix latex polish (ideally beGloss Perfect Shine) with the water
  • If there is an operating manual - please observe it!
  • Immerse the latex completely in the mixture
  • The surface should be completely wetted with the polish
  • If necessary turn large items of clothing
  • Now pull latex clothing evenly out of the mixture
  • Repeat the process for large items of clothing
  • Let the latex clothing dry
  • It is best to hang dry on a hanger

Note: Your latex is now perfectly sealed and protected and is therefore ready to be stored!

Polishing with the ”beGloss Whip”...

It's no secret, but one of the greatest strengths of latex is its irresistible sheen that comes with proper polishing. All you need is the right polish and ideally a suitable polishing cloth like the beGloss Whip!

  • Always wash your latex clothing with a high quality latex detergent such as B. the beGLOSS Special Wash Latex
  • The latex must be free from dust, oil and other residues!
  • Always spray the latex polish on the black side of the beGLOSS wipe cloth and then spread it on the latex clothing
  • The pink side of the beGLOSS Wipe is used to dry the latex

Note: The pink side must be dry for the drying process! If the pink, dry side of the beGLOSS Wipe is damp, the cloth should be washed with a special latex detergent

Warning notices...

  1. Do not expose your latex to sunlight or heat, as this can damage or fade the latex!
  2. Avoid placing transparent or light-colored latex against metal (zippers, press studs, buckles), as this can lead to discoloration!
  3. Keep your latex in a dark, dry, and cool place, e.g. B. in a closet, preferably in a black plastic bag!
  4. Should the garment tear or be damaged in any way, do not attempt to wear it or repair it yourself. Let our team repair it professionally!
  5. Always clean your latex after wearing it to protect it for a long time (see above)!